Other Writing

"Rethinking how we praise our children, Part II"  Or ... Stop praising that school artwork!  Asheville Citizen-Times - February 27, 2012

"Smother with praise, spoiler the persistence"  Or, thoughts on over-praising our children.  WNC Parent - February 2012 (p.61)

"Spelling tests: the final frontiers of hand writing"  Or, an appreciation of the sole survivor of the dying world of hand-written correspondence.  WNC Parent - July 2011

"Reconsidering what we put on our kids' feet" Are what we now call running shoes - motion-controlling, shock-absorbing, indestructible run-them-over-with-a-car foot suits - all they're cracked up to be?  WNC Parent - June 2011 (p.26-27)

"Why must play involve a 'date'?"  Play time for kids now comes with strings attached.  WNC Parent - May 2011 (p. 46-47)

"Finding time for family dinners"  Examining the benefits of regularly getting the crew together for dinner.  WNC Parent - April 2011 (p. 49) 

"Dear Dad, please, no basketball"  A daughter's missive to her father about playing organized basketball.  WNC Parent - February, 2011 (p. 53)

"Parents weigh in on preschool"  To preschool or not to preschool.  Asheville parents share their thoughts.  WNC Parent -  January, 2011 (p. 64-65)

“Battle of the Fairies”  The Tooth Fairy and The Balloon Fairy square off in an epic battle.  WNC Parent - December 2010 (p. 48-49)

“For the Love of a Stuffed Animal”  The life and times of my daughter’s menagerie of stuffed animals.  WNC Parent - October 2010 (p. 38-39)

"On being (at least) a halfway decent dad"  On what to expecting your the male expectant.  WNC Parent - September 2010 (p. 25-27)

"A marathon is simply a whole lot of running ... "  Advice for making like Pheidippides and running, like, a long way.  The Laurel of Asheville - August 2010 (p. 102)

“Being a Dad Makes Me a Better Husband  Celebrating the two beautiful women in my life.  YourTango, June, 2010.